CLO2 Delivery Systems Package $185
CLO2 Delivery Systems Package $185
CLO2 Delivery Systems Package $185
CLO2 Delivery Systems Package $185

CLO2 Delivery Systems Package $185

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Up for auction is a CLO2 Delivery Systems Package:

  • 2 - PGR100 Gram Kits
  • 1 - LD400 LiquaScan Kit
  • 1 - SD1G Selectrocide Kit

This product retails for $185.00 - Happy Bidding!

All proceeds from this auction will be donated to a family fighting cancer.


Product Info:

DeOdorPRO Professional Grade PGR-100, 100g Fast Gas Release Kit

The PGR-100 is a 100-gram packet for qualified professionals looking to restore homes and buildings. Eliminate odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew and more. Pair with Liquasan for complete odor removal on surfaces like concrete and wood.  Treats up to 8,000 cubic ft.

DeOdorPRO Liquasan LD400 4 gallons

LiquaSan can handle your deodorizing project - big or small. It can be applied with a mop, sprayer or fogger.  Use on wood, tile, concrete, canvas, porous & non-porous surfaces & fabrics that can be cleaned with water.  If using on fabrics, always do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area.  LiquiSan offers the consumer chlorine dioxide in a liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odors are trapped. It can be used on any and all substrates in autos, RV’s, boats, homes, hotels and storage spaces to neutralize all odors.  LiquiSan is often used as a pre-treat prior to a gas treatment.  DeOdorPRO offers the most effective, simple, safe, easy to use product with simple to use directions. We guarantee you will smell the difference!

Selectrocide Disinfectant SD-1G makes 2.6 gallons

Selectrocide Disinfectant (EPA/FDA Registration #74986-5) is ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. It is a hard surface, hospital grade disinfectant.

This remarkable biocide is an effective sanitizer, disinfectant, tuberculocide, virucide*, fungicide, algaecide, general-purpose antimicrobial and cleaner for use in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • hospitals; medical and veterinary facilities;
  • wineries, breweries;
  • laboratories and other clinical settings;
  • restaurants and greenhouses/horticultural settings.